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Bosom babies are a charity and responsible for our own funding. We don't charge to come to our groups or workshops but we do accept donations.

Once a month at our groups we have 'bake week' where we all share cake or other baked goods in exchange for a recommended minimum donation of £1.

We periodically have fundraining events. Follow our social media channels for up to date info. 

We are selling these beautiful unique design pin badges.  
This pin celebrates the light and shade of feeding - establishing a latch with a tiny newborn, hand expressing, the oxytocin 💕 , the bonding, the night feeds, attending a boob group, feeding in public, searching for answers online, dealing with complications, pumping, feeling confident and helping other women, going back to work, feeding a toddler, the snuggles, feeding strikes, natural term weaning - with a thread of ‘liquid’ gold running throughout (for glamour!)
It can be worn as a physical reminder of the delicious scent of a baby’s head; that you’re doing SO well even when you think you’re not; it is a physical marker of the knowledge that motherhood is graft AND greatness, and is an experience which unites women, however their breastfeeding journey looks.
You can buy badges for a bargainous £5 (£2 extra for signed for postage)

Pay cash at a Bosom Babies group or buy online - if you plan to collect let us know which group. If you want it posted please also send us an email with your address - as paypal doesn't give us any contact details
(funds raised go to Bosom Babies) 🤱💙💛👶🏻👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿✊🏼