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Wednesday Afternoons 1:00 - 2:30pm
Huncote Children's Centre at the Pavillion
Sportsfield Lane, Huncote, LE9 3BN

Claire has run this group since 2011 and is there each week supported by three other Peer Supporters out of Abi, Daniella, Emilie, Jen, Kate, Kay, Nat & Janine

“Huncote is a lovely group, the peer supporters are amazing”

“I came to Huncote with my 5 day old and was a mess of tears and sleep deprivation! By the time I left that first group I was like a different person and felt like I could succeed at breastfeeding”

On the first Wednesday of every month we have our monthly fundraiser – cake week – where we provide the cake, and you eat as much as you can for a suggested minimum donation of £1